Our trees

Our trees are the popular “non-drop” Nordmann fir – Abies Nordmanniana. The popularity is due to the long freshness of the soft needles, the dark green color and the harmonious appearance.
The Nordmanniana requires professional care and perfect climatic conditions. Years of experience with carefully selected species, perfect growing conditions and professional care and attention are essential to the nurture of a top quality product.


We offer

  • Fresh, natural grown, high quality Christmas trees 
  • Flexible and individual packing of quality and size in accordance with your demands
  • Personal and professional services
  • You are welcome to visit us and see the plantation anytime


Plantation Management

Each tree is a gift from nature – and the growing of Nordmann firs require long-term planning, selection of the right species, constant care and a professional grading and selection of the salable trees.
During the years, we have built extensive expertise and knowledge in the cultivation of Nordmann Christmas trees.
The trees are nursed and cared for all year around. Thanks to the perfect climate, weather and soil conditions in South Jutland, the trees grow regularly and obtain the coveted harmonious appearance.



Our natural cultivation is always in respect for nature and in compliance with the EU-Legislations and the requirements in the GlobalG.A.P-standard.

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